ABC Election Computer Calls A Majority Government For The Coalition

The ABC election computer has put an end to the vagueness and confusion of the week since the election, giving the seat of Capricornia to the Coalition and giving them the seats they need to rule with an iron fist as a majority government.
The computer reckons LNP MP Ken O’Dowd will retain his seat, giving them the 76th seat out of 150 they needed to just eke their nose over the halfway mark.
At first glance, the Coalition was behind in the central Queensland seats of Capricorinia and Flynn but came ahead when the postal votes were counted.
O’Dowd isn’t celebrating yet, believing there’s still some wiggle room:
“It’s been up and down. I went to bed on Saturday night thinking I’d won by 2.5 per cent. I woke up on Sunday night [and] I was down 2 per cent. 

“This week and last week has been a gradual pull back of about 2,200 votes. So, I want to be really sure of it before I make any bold statements like saying I’ve won.”

But is he smarter than a computer? Time will tell.
Regardless of how you feel about the outcome, at least it’s a relief for this guy:

Photo: Getty Images / Stefan Postles.
Source: ABC.