A U.S. National Park Flipped Trump The Bird & Tweeted Climate Change Facts

A national park in America has gone dark on Twitter after a rampage of pro-climate science tweets made after Donald Trump‘s administration tried to lock down on pro-environmentalist messages coming from federal government accounts.

The Badlands National Park posted a steam of tweets about the impact of climate change on the environment, despite the fact that Trump’s admin had placed a temporary ban on national parks tweeting after the official National Parks account retweeted a tweet about Trump’s unimpressive inauguration attendance.
They’ve now been deleted.

The Trump administration has also enforced a blackout on the Enivronmental Protection Agency, forbidding the agency from publishing news releases, blog posts or social media updates.
Trump has in the past called climate change a hoax, and has expressed on Twitter that he believes it is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese government to make American manufacturing less competitive.

Many Twitter users praised Badlands National Park, and offered pre-emptive apologies to the social media manager who is almost certainly going to be fired as a result of an order from right up the top.

We salute you too, buddy. An account claiming to be run by national park employees called AltUSNatParkService is tweeting a message of resistance against censorship.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.