A Reminder That A Portrait Of Donald Trump Made Of Period Blood Exists

The art world is a mysterious one. But now, every mystery that it held has been solved, and potentially the greatest piece of art to ever exist has been birthed. 

The artist in question, Sarah Levy, created a portrait of presidential candidate Donald Trump, in retaliation to his comments about Fox NewsMegyn Kelly. The news anchor questioned Trump about his sexist remarks about women during the GOP debate, and Trump later implied to other media sources that Kelly had her period:
“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her – wherever.”
So, Levy felt that the appropriate medium for her portrait of the politician was, obviously, menstrual blood. She used her own menses, and painted using a tampon. 
She said she is likely to produce more, too:

“I still have more blood so thinking of doing a few more portraits until I run out,” Levy told The Huffington Post.

The point of the artwork was to auction it off, according to Levy’s website, which states that “the goal is to auction [the painting] off and give money to an organisation that helps Mexican immigrants in the U.S., because ol’ Don would hate that.”
The artist is also selling prints via her Etsy page; all proceeds from which will be donated to a charity supporting the rights of U.S. immigrants.
via Mashable.
Image via Sarah Levy.