A Rare AF White Giraffe Was Spotted With Childe In A Kenyan Antelope Habitat

The super-rare, extremely elusive white giraffe has been spotted by a conservationist group in Kenya, and folks, it looks extremely cool.

A mama and baby were seen by Rainforest Trust, who were in the area preserving the habitat for the Hirola Antelope.

Imagine that – working on keeping a piece of land nice and habitable for these antelope when these two ghostly-lookin’ cuties saunter on over. You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t immediately crap ya dacks with excitement/fear.

These beautiful bebs aren’t albinos though; they have a rare condition called leucism – which is where skin cells don’t produce pigmentation, but softer tissue still does. It causes the skin to look pale, and sometimes causes the animal to have very faint, almost ghostly spots/shapes.

Precious bebes I LOVE YOU.

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