Rare, Beautiful Duck Disappears From Central Park Sparking Fears Of Foul Play

A particularly gorgeous duck has somehow vanished from Central Park in the US almost as quickly as it appeared, leaving bird fans and admirers of the fancy duck wondering if someone has bird-napped the perfect avian specimen.

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First of all, HOW could you do that to a poor, defenceless bird? And especially to one as pretty as this guy?

LOOK it’s SO PRETTY. It’s like a painting. I love the duck so much.

Anyway, this Mandarin duck has made bird lovers in New York basically shit themselves because it’s so gorgeous but also it’s incredibly rare for this species to be in the US, let alone in Central Park.

Seriously, people were lining up for HOURS to try and get a glimpse of the feathered friend. Which, if you ask me, would probably stress out the poor thing. Just let the guy do his ducky business in peace!


Despite not being spotted for nearly a week, bird watchers suspect the precious birdo has just moved himself to a more secluded spot – like the nearby reservoir – so literal hundreds of people can’t gawk at him.

Seriously, this is just ridiculous.


But I swear, if someone has laid a single finger on this precious, perfect fowl, you’re going to have an angry mob at your door. Do not disrespect the bird. DO NOT.