Every week with this country. Every fucking week. 7 days can’t pass in our beautiful nation without some group of dickheads responding to the dickhead call within their dickhead hearts and being, well, dickheads.

This time it was a bunch of fucking grubs who are fans of the ‘Yeah The BoysFacebook page, who somehow managed to turn what I’m sure could have been a harmless, ass-slapping, bro-fisting meetup into a fucking disgusting mess of sexism, misogyny and very tenuous grasps on how vaginas work.

It’s not great stuff:

A ‘Dog The Boys’ Protest Will Be Hitting Back At That ‘Yeah The Boys’ Meetup

The fallout has been swift, largely because this is pretty unambiguously bad. The event has been shut down, the cops are investigating it and ‘Yeah The Boys’ announced they’re going to unpublish the page:

Admittedly the page is still up at the moment, with this one commenter making jokes about beating up Tracy Grimshaw with a golf club. Jesus christ.

A ‘Dog The Boys’ Protest Will Be Hitting Back At That ‘Yeah The Boys’ Meetup

While these fucking clowns will be busy scratching their heads wondering why women don’t like them, a group of people are organising a much less fuckface-filled counter-event as a combination nice day outside / big “fuck you”.

Dog the Boys: Counter-Action Against Yeah the Boys” will take place at Hyde Park on November 26th and sounds like it’ll be a cracker of a day:

“Join us for a speak-out and feminist friendly picnic at Hyde Park. 

“Bring food, bring glitter, bring paint, bring yourselves, bring your mum! This will be a peaceful protest.

“NB: This even is nonautonomous; all non-female identifying people are also welcome to attend.”

See how easy it is to be inclusive? Super fucking easy.

According to the page, speakers are still to be announced, but you can register your interest here, if you are indeed interested.

Source: Facebook.