5 Wild Ways We Reckon Laurie Finally Offs Michael In Halloween Ends Bc Dude’s Gotta Go

halloween ends

Halloween is undeniably one of the most iconic horror franchises in history. John Carpenter‘s classic slasher flicks have been literally slaying (sorry) cinemas for 45 years, and now things are coming to an end with the final chapter, Halloween Ends. The OG movie was released in 1978 and has spawned a whopping 12 sequels, with heaps of different directors re-imagining the story over time.

While Halloween Ends is wrapping up the franchise, it’s also the third film in the ‘H40’ trilogy that kicked off in 2018 with Halloween, which saw Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode, a survivor of Michael Myers’ 1978 killing spree.

You can check out the trailer here, and honestly, it looks insane (in the best way possible, obviously). The jump scares, the one-liners, the heart-wrenchingly tense score — it looks like the kind of movie that you have to see in a packed cinema, manically clutching onto your popcorn harder with every little movement on the screen.

Since the trailer dropped, the internet has been bursting with theories about how it will end. Die-hard fans of the series have been unleashing how they reckon Laurie will end up offing Michael (because old mate really needs to go), and honestly, we reckon a few of them have legs.

Here’s what a few theories we found on Reddit that we firmly stand behind:

“Laurie and Allyson both shoot Michael while holding the same shotgun to symbolize the divide that needs to be bridged to defeat evil.” — r/steathlycreep

“Laurie and Michael are fighting. Then Michael turns around to stab Allyson and then Laurie grabs onto Michael and tells her to run before revealing the bomb around her chest. She detonates it and her and Michael explode into little pieces.”

“Michael and Laurie kill each other, leaving the town in ruins and Allyson alone.” — r/Gug21

“Laurie chops his body up and puts him in an incinerator while the rest of Haddonfield watches. The movie ends with Laurie and Allison driving off to a new town.” — r/First_Plastic_7898

“I always pictured them dying together. Similar to what Laurie said is the only way to end things in Halloween Kills.” — r/discman91

Even if none of these come to fruition, we’re sure that the ending will be entertaining (and creepy) as hell. And if the last two movies of the trilogy are anything to go by, we know this last one will be a gory and bone-tingling romp for the ages.

If you’re really looking to embrace the spooky season this year, you can catch Halloween Ends in cinemas on October 13th.