Prepare To Wee In Fright At This Exclusive Teaser For The New ‘Halloween’ Flick

Scary movies: you either love them or curl into a ball + drop a nice lil’ turd in your pants during them. (No judgement here – nappies are on shelves for a reason, right?) Either way, you can’t deny the thrill of watching a good horror flick, especially one from the Halloween franchise.

Even though it’s been a good 40 years since The Shape first loomed in the shadows ready to murder you while you were babysitting, the Michael Myers legend still has us feeling deeply uncomfortable every time we get our car serviced. Those uniforms are one hell of a creepy mindfuck, am I right or am I right?

But finally – after waiting almost a decade – we’re being #blessed with a direct sequel to the 1978 classic, starring ultimate horror kween Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode once more.

Obviously, things have changed. This time she’s an actual boss with an arsenal of weapons, a deceptively fortified house, and the total incapacity to take any shit from a couple of British journos who clearly aren’t taking the case as seriously as they should.

Laurie is a grandma now (but like, one of those rare badass ones) so she’s ramped up the protection measures something severe – on the off chance that Michael would ever escape prison. And apparently, she’s been hoping for it too. EEEEP. Mah body be ready.

get it girl

We copped a sneaky preview of some creepy content to tide you over until the Aussie release date on October 25th, because let’s be real, you’re all a bunch of horror nuts that thrive on the adrenaline and terror that a good horror flick generously provides.

The teaser features a glimpse of Laurie’s preparations – a telling look at how she’s never forgotten Michael. And he’s clearly never forgotten her, because he’s back walking the streets as a looming shadow, stalking his prey. It’s chilling, and we cannot wait to see more, from behind the protection of our hands covering our eyes, of course. (Side note: why does anyone think it’ll be less scary watching it like that? We’re a bunch of fools.)

Watch it for yourself below, and line up all the fucks you’re gonna give about seeing this one opening night.