Your M8s PNAU Smashed Out A DJ Set At A Random Perth 21st Over The Weekend

Remember your 21st? I know I barely do. Mostly what I can piece together is that at the start of the night, I had a bathtub full of ice and XXXX (it was a classy affair), and by the end of the night I had no shirt and a lot of very important things I was desperately and incoherently trying to convey to the few friends that were still conscious.
What I can tell you for certain is: unlike in the case of recent Perth birthday girl Chantal, dance legends PNAU did not DJ at my 21st birthday party. I’m pretty sure.
Pilerats got the inside scoop on a DJ set the act played at a house party after playing Hot Dub Wine Machine on the weekend, which by all appearances was an infeasibly loose time.
Originally, they tried to organise the show through the band’s booking agent, but to no avail:
“Basically, we sent a message to their Facebook page asking if they could come and play. The booking agent came back asking about budget and what not and Chantal (whose 21st it was) said she could pay $1k out of her own pocket, obviously they were like, ‘sorry but that is waaaaay short of the price range‘ haha. 

“Then in a last ditch effort, she messaged [PNAU frontman] Nick Littlemore‘s page and he was like, ‘Yeah I’m really keen!! We will be in touch‘.”

The band was apparently won over by the idea and, true to their word, rocked up:

“We spoke to Sam Littlemore and Pete Mayes and they were both frothing. So he locked it into their schedule. Then during her speeches they rocked up in their tour van. I frantically rigged up some microphones and stuff and then they jumped on for a DJ set with Nick Littlemore and Kira Divine singing over the top.”
From the photos, it sure looks like people were having an OK time.
What a bloody pack of legends.
Have a watch of their single ‘Chameleon’ while you’re here, because why not.
Source: Pilerats.