Does this signal the end of Matt & Alex as we know them?

Matt Okine, 50% of the Triple J larrikin dream-team, has teamed up with Melbourne producer C1 Beats – the dude behind Adelaide rapper AllDay‘s breakthrough stuff – to enter the rap game with a track called ‘Fade (Nothing At All)’.

Boilermakers has been a musical side / passion-project of Matt’s for a while (you can listen to his other stuff here), but he admits an irrational fear of being treated as a joke has stopped him from going the full-hog.

“I’ve always held back a bit because of the “comedy” thing,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “People aren’t gonna expect much, and I’m cool with that because this is the first time I’ve taken it seriously too.”

We were pleasantly surprised by the Bone Thugs vibez, which is good news because Matt told us this track is the first step towards an EP.

“It’s the first building block towards building an EP.”

Wrap ‘yo ears around it:

Fresher than a Tic-Tac.