Boilermakers AKA Matt Okine Drops Debut Rap Clip ‘Fade (Nothing At All)’

It must be a trip having one of the most recognisable voices in Australia, and choosing to totally repurpose it.

Don’t ask us about it, though. Ask Boilermakers – aka Matt Okine – who just today released a music video for his track Fade (Nothing At All).

The rapper, comedian and former Triple J host matches the track’s pretty bloody candid insights with some honest visuals: beers, blowups and the quiet moments backstage all make an appearance:

TBH, it’s a pretty solid entry into the stacked world of Aussie rap, and the clip itself has a lil’ bit of Childish Gambino’s Freaks and Geeks about it. We all know how that triple threat turned out, hey? 
Back in August last year, Okine unveiled the track as “the first building block towards building an EP,” so don’t go thinking this is the last time you’ll hear his voice anew. 
Source and photo: Matt Okine / YouTube.