Matt & Alex Are Doing ~Something~ On Insta And Here’s Hoping They Announce A Radio Return

matt and alex announcement

Beloved former Triple J breakfast stars Matt Okine and Alex Dyson are acting strange on Instagram and fans are convinced they’re hinting at the radio reunion we’ve all been hoping for.

A mysterious @matt.and.alex Instagram account came to our attention this week, hosting only a single post.

“Hello,” the selfie, which was posted 12 weeks ago, was simply captioned.

Although the photo has been live for twelve weeks, the account only gained attention this week after both Okine and Dyson shared cryptic posts linking to the new account.

So what does this MEAN?!

Well for starters, we know whatever is happening has been in the works for at least 12 weeks.

According to Radio Today, despite speculation that the duo could return to either breakfast or drive radio, it is more likely that the pair are getting ready to launch their own podcast. Two men? Starting a podcast? Groundbreaking.

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So far, we know precisely nothing about what the boys are planning, but a source has told Radio Today that an announcement is “imminent.”

The boys haven’t ruled out a return to radio, with Okine discussing rumours on a 2018 episode of The Ferg Neal Show.

Although he “wouldn’t rule it out,” the boys are unlikely to return to Triple J “because [they] are getting old,” he said in 2018.

“You can’t have a bald old guy and a guy who can’t play soccer without dislocating his elbow every 10 seconds running around a youth radio station anymore.”

Matt and Alex hung up the boots at Triple J in early 2017, where they were replaced by Ben Harvey Liam Stapleton. Although they only blessed our ears for three years on air at Triple J, the duo have kept a special place in our hearts ever since.

Since leaving the J, Alex has written a book When It Drops, and delved into the podcast space alongside fellow former Triple J host Kyran Wheatley. Meanwhile, Okine has written, starred in and directed his own TV series The Other Guy and written his first book Being Black n’ Chicken & Chips. So it’s safe to say, they’ve been busy.

Whether it’s a podcast, a full-blown radio gig or just a fun little surprise to keep us all laughing during isolation, I’m ready for whatever Matt and Alex are going to give us.

In honour of this momentous occasion, I’ll leave you with Matt & Alex’s parting gift to Triple J listeners as a parting gift for reading this.