Worshippers Of Our Lord Yeezus Are Losing It Over A Fan-Made TLOP Rework

Worshippers at the alter of Yeezy are right now losing it over a fan reworking of The Life Of Pablo, which is said to be “better than sex”, “fucking amazing” and something that has turned the album into “a perfect 10.”

Reddit user Dorian_Ye (great name, tbh) created The Life Of Paul using earlier and final versions of the tracks (remember, Kanye continued to edit TLOP looooong after uploading it to Tidal) along with high quality rips of the original samples.

He’s created “something that expands on Kanye’s song without, in my opinion, completely overtaking them” – except, he says, for Fade

“Outside of minor sound effects on a couple tracks and Stefan Ponce‘s I Love Kanye remix (which is pretty much an ‘unofficial official’ version of the song at this point anyway), I didn’t incorporate anything that a.) wasn’t touched by Kanye in some way, shape or form, or b.) a part of, or related to, an original sample used on the album. I wanted these tracks to feel like ways that Kanye could have actually revamped some of the Pablo tracks if he’d extended the samples and left elements from the earlier versions of tracks in the final versions.”

Honestly, if you have any interest at all in the samples Kanye used in TLOP, Dorian’s detailed sample and writing credits are a must read.

The entire album was originally uploaded to AudioMack but – unsurprisingly – has already been removed. Luckily, there’s a few other download links here if you wanna check it out…


Photo: TLOP.