In Shock News, Someone’s Suing Kanye For Forcing Them To Sign Up To Tidal

After the convoluted and bizarre roll out that was Kanye West‘s ‘The Life of Pablo’, most fans were relieved to finally have the album. 
However, there are millions of very gullible people out there who believed Kanye’s truly insane tweet-rants, which stated that ‘TLOP’ would never be available anywhere but Tidal. So, now that it’s available everywhere, they’re pretty mega-pissed.
Look, most of us just paid the $9.99 and got on with our lives. But one man… one man says no. 
Justin Baker-Rhett from San Francisco has decided that he cannot let this go, and is suing Kanye West for lying to him about the accessibility of ‘TLOP’. 
According to Vulture, the class-action lawsuit states that if Baker-Rhett had known that the album would be available elsewhere at some point, he never would have signed up to Tidal. 
In making these little teeny-weeny lies of omission, the company earned about $84 million US, and has collected millions of people’s credit card information and personal data. So, as well as suing Kanye, Baker-Rhett is also asking a judge to order Tidal to delete the info of any person who signed up to Tidal purely to hear Pablo. 
Source: Vulture.
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty.