Willow Smith’s New Video Reminds Us Not To Mess With Willow Smith

We took Willow Smith‘s childhood in our stride, and in return, she filled our days with endless wonder – case in point, the below video for ‘Wit A Indigo’, the brand new track from her musical project DIASPORA.
ICYMI, The Indigo Children was a ’90s self-help phenomenon for the parents of special, gifted snowflakes – Smith has taken this concept and run with it hard in her new song.
Willow has graduated from whipping her hair back and forth at haters, but you still shouldn’t mess with her Indigo posse, or her inter-dimensional spheres, for that matter.
The song features Crystal Mec and Tyler Cole and features a sample from Stevie Wonder‘s ‘They Won’t Go When I Go’. Enjoy the video in all its trippy goodness, and be #blessed:
via MTV News
Photo: Joseph Okpako via Getty Images