What Is The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld’s Rap Album?

And the left-field career change award goes to Jerry Seinfeld who looks set to take on the rap game after emerging from the the studio with rapper and noted Seinfeld enthusiast Wale.
Alluding to the love triangle that existed between himself, his wife, and Wale, Seinfeld insisted that “Hip-hop is words, right?” And as we know Jerry certainly has a way with words. 

Wale’s 2008 Seinfeld themed mixtape

There has been no indication of what Seinfeld’s actual role on the Wale record might be. Will he be spitting verses about coma etiquette, dissing Newman, or delivering a sustained rhythmic attack against the New York public library? Fans terrified that Jerry is about to piss all over his legacy need look no further than his tongue n’ cheek interview with Wale collaborator DJ Omega. We’re not sure what they’re cooking up but they’ve certainly got us intrigued.  

Via NY Post