Jerry Seinfeld Is Bringing ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ Over To Netflix

At some point it’s best to not think about exactly where Netflix is getting the squillions of dollars its been shelling out for original content, and just accept the fact that some unidentified wealthy rube is sweating bullets over a promised return on investment that’ll never arrive and move on from there.
The streaming behemoth is throwing money at everything these days, and the latest truckload of sweet, sweet cash has apparently backed itself up Jerry Seinfeld‘s driveway.
Seinfeld has reportedly inked a deal with Netflix that’ll see a shitload of Jerry-related content heading to the platform in a very short amount of time.
The deal will see Seinfeld snap his deal with Crackle and pop over to Netflix for all new episodes of his retirement project ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.’ The deal also means all prior episodes of the series will shift over to Netflix as well.
The current season, the show’s ninth officially, will remain on Crackle for the time being, before all future seasons migrate across to Netflix from late 2017 onwards. Netflix has ordered at least 24 new episodes of the series, with an option for more in 2018 and beyond.
Beyond that, the Netflix deal also includes two new stand-up specials, which – somewhat remarkably – would not only be the first specials Seinfeld has released since 1998, but they’ll be the second and third stand-up films he’s released ever.
Crackle, Sony Pictures’ streaming service and home to ‘Comedians in Cars’ up until this point, had anticipated losing their flagship show for some time; Seinfeld’s deal with the service expired, and key personnel at the company that were close to Jerry were reportedly forced out mid-2016.
As always, Stan remains your local home for every episode of ‘Seinfeld‘ the sitcom, which you can watch at any sodding time you want right now.
Here’s to feeling good all the time!
Photo: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.