Like many Queenslanders, even the mere suggestion that my beautiful bong-smoke-shrouded boys Violent Soho could be calling it quits sent me into a fit of hysterics that only subsided after I sucked down a few tinnies of Gold. Luckily, it was very much not the case, and the rumours about the band coming to an end had simply resulted from some ambiguous-ish language choices by guitarist James Tidswell.
In an interview with the ‘South Western Times‘, Tidswell said their Grooving The Moo show would be particularly special because they didn’t have any more gigs lined up:
“I know it’s going to be big, it will be the best one of the whole tour and it will be so emotional for us because it will be our last time playing indefinitely. 

“There is nothing booked after that, no album, we haven’t demoed any songs, we aren’t touring so that’s it – I one hundred per cent guarantee it will be at least a year before we do anything else.”

A lot of people (including us, admittedly) latched on to the word “indefinitely” in abject terror, but the band was very quick to play it down.

Apparently, though, people still seemed to be very confused about it, so Tidswell hopped on a Facebook live Q&A to dispel any confusion – stating that, no, the band is still very much a band; that hiatuses are gross, weird ways for a band to end; and that “indefinite“, while technically accurate, sounds much more foreboding than it really is:

“I used the word ‘indefinitely’ because for the first time in 7 years we don’t have any shows after the Grooving The Moo and it feels weird for us to be going as long as we have to not be having any shows after.

“We’re not taking a hiatus, we just takes ages to do shit.”
The hour-long session very quickly devolved into a super laidback general Q&A, covering such diverse topics as bush weed versus hydro, Tidswell’s sick VL, Dio verses Osbourne, Thurston versus Locky (he answered this one wrong), and much, much more.
You can watch the whole thing here, it is a very chill time: 
Photo: Facebook.