Going to a gig, you don’t tend to expect too much interaction with the band.

If they’re your absolute favourite, you line up early, rush to the barricade as soon as doors open, secure yourself a prime front row posi, scream and sing your guts out while they’re on stage, and maybe – just maybe – you might be lucky enough to snare a pick or a drum stick or a set list or maybe even a sweaty high five from your heroes.

You don’t exactly walk into a gig expecting to walk out with an entire musical instrument.

A young bloke by the name of Daniel Simpson copped the gig gift of a lifetime over this past weekend.

The Brisbane lad attended both The Smith Street Band‘s enormous shows at The Tivoli on Saturday and Sunday night. The band has been documenting their national tour – their biggest one yet – in a series of short videos posted to social media.

After night #1, the band posted this footage, which captured young Dan, perched in the front row, in tears as the group raged through their set.

Bless his heart.

For night #2, Daniel seems to have found himself in almost the identical front-row spot from the night before. And it would appear that the band’s frontman Wil Wagner noticed.

In footage from the second Brisbane show posted to Facebook this afternoon, Wagner hops down from the stage at the conclusion of the set and gifts the guitar off his shoulders to Daniel, who (quite bloody rightfully) absolutely loses his mind.

Oh man. That right there? That’s the good gear. That’s the good, good, real good shit, right there.

The Smith Street Band’s ‘More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me’ national tour, which is hauling Ceres, Joyce Manor, and Allison Weiss on the road with them, rolls into Melbourne for two shows at the Forum on Friday and Saturday (the latter of which is sold out), before moving on to Perth and Adelaide the weekend after.

Ticket info is available via the band’s official website.

Enjoy the new riff stick, Daniel! Learn three chords and start a band.

Source: The Smith Street Band/Facebook.