Australia‘s favourite son Shannon Noll is indisputably back on the national radar, more than a decade after he was cruelly, cruelly robbed of the first Australian Idol title (hey, even Guy Sebastian knows he’s coasting by on borrowed time).

Nollsy dropped fresh banger Who I Am back in September, and it’s lyric video went reasonably bonza. Well, exclusively on PEDESTRIAN.TV we can reveal the full video – and the only one that can absolutely do this track justice. 
What do you imagine when you imagine Nollsy? Is it utes, vaguely regional landscapes, and the man himself yelling his pipes out in the middle of a field? Then you’re in luck, folks.
The vid was shot earlier this month in a few spots around rural NSW, as well as at Noll’s life performance at the Deni Ute Muster, which he performed at because the gods ordained it. He reckons it was destiny too:
I’d never played the Deni Ute Muster before but it was always an important gig that I really wanted to play, because I grew up around three or four hours from there. It’s an event I would have attended if I was still living on the farm, so it was a really big thing for me to get the opportunity to play it.

Nollsy popped up at the Ute Muster despite a bad accident a couple of days earlier. “I had a mishap where I had a run in with a pane glass window and sliced the muscle,” said Shannon. “I needed plastic surgery, but the show must go on.”

The mark of a true battler.
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