Folks, it is a dang good day to be alive, ’cause the planet’s only Ned Flanders-themed metalcore band has unleashed an actual music video – and they’ve brought their sweaters with ’em.

WATCH: Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band Brings Break-Diddily-Downs In New Vid

The duderinos in Okilly Dokilly have just dropped the clip for White Wine Spritzer, which literally riffs on the moment The Simpsons‘ neighbourly mainstay began his descent into wasted madness:

Donning the full get-up to honour their unexpected idol, the Arizona outfit do their best to emulate all of the sweaty synth-heavy acts that dominated your 3rd Gen iPod Nano. 

You better believe they bring the break-diddily-downs, fam: 

This follows their 2015 Okilly Demos. Thoroughly rad, but we’re still holding out for their thrash metal side-project Lamb Of Tod.

Source and photo: Okilly Dokilly / YouTube.