WATCH: Springfield Turns Miami In This 80s Cop Show ‘Simpsons’ Couch Gag

The Simpsons – the untouchable beast that it is – is still on the air, for better or worse. Which means more couch gags need to be pumped out.

Whilst in recent years the show has gone to outside sources to provide the occasional big special couch gag, occasional the ole’ squeaky wheel manages to churn out an interesting one of their own steam.
And none are more interesting than this one, I tell you.
Taking a page out of the book of every bad/amazing Miami-set cop show from the 1980s, Homer gets transformed into a freaking bizarre looking Don Johnson-type detective, hot on the trail of the surprisingly tattoo’d Ned Flanders who, in sticking with Simpsons canon, is ripped as shit.
There’s laser grids, and VHS static, and cars with doors that open like this…
…and just about everything you could ever want in an 80s cop show homage.
And the whole is set to the montage-song-to-end-all-montage-songs, Paul Engemann‘s 1983 hit “Scarface (Push it to the Limit)“.
Also the couch has a mouth and snaps the neck of Carl. So, there’s that too.

As weirdly off-putting as the animation is, I am absolutely all in on Springfield being reimagined as seaside Miami circa 1984.
You hear me, FOX? ALL. IN.
Source: Gamespot.