The Simpsons Said Goodbye To Mrs. Krabappel And Marcia Wallace Last Night

The Simpsons have bid adieu to “brilliant and gracious” veteran voice actor Marcia Wallace best known for her inimitable delivery of zero fucks given as apathetic Springfield Elementary school teacher, Edna Krabappel. 

World’s most depressing chalkboard gag notwithstanding, in-episode tributes to the beloved voice actor who sadly passed away in October of last year due in part to breast cancer, have largely been resisted. Until now.   
Last night’s episode, “The Man Who Grew Too Much,” concludes with her husband Ned Flanders (we’ll give fans who tapped out of the series years ago a few seconds to process that) reminisce about dancing with his late wife, before snapping back to reality and confessing how much he misses the sound of her laughter. Nelson, just watching people in their houses for no reason these days, unleashes his own trademark laugh, then agrees.  
A fitting tribute. 
R.I.P. Marcia Wallace.