WATCH: Jimmy Fallon, Sia & Natalie Portman Singing ‘Iko Iko’ Is Weird/Gr8

It’s Friday, so why not shake loose the cobwebs of the four business days preceding this one with a super weird rendition of the Mardi Gras classic, “Iko Iko”, with Jimmy Fallon, Sia, Natalie Portman and the Roots?
The troupe – all wearing Sia-style wigs – gave an ebullient performance on The Tonight Show, getting right into the spirit of things with the help of fun instrumentation from spoons, cups, plastic paint buckets, billiard balls, and a deck of cards.
Sia took the lead, naturally, while Fallon sang back-up as her hype-girl.
Meanwhile, Natalie and the Roots were happy to provide the song’s call-and-response chorus.
Our only question: where can we get that giant dice?