Watch Jay-Z Let Some Twelve Year Old Kid Rap On Stage With Him

Today in dreams really do come true if you have the ability to visualise them and the strength of conviction to write them down on a giant poster at a concert: a young Jay-Z fan holding up a sign that read “Can I rap for you?” at the rapper’s performance in Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday night was able to do just that after the rapper noticed the sign, invited the fan on stage and told him to spit a verse for him.

The kid – a twelve year old boy named Justin – then proceeded to spit Hov’s “Clique” verse a capella. At one point Jay stops him to say “Not the drug dealing part. Go back to the numbers,” after which the happiest twelve year old in the world obliges with a kid-friendly version of the hit Cruel Summer cut.  

Watch below for further proof that the Magna Carter world tour should have been called the Mr. Knowles tour because Beyonce has been doing this shit for years. 

Album version: