Watch Gravity-Defying Pole Dancer Audition For Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” Video

Meet Nicole “The Pole” Williams, the gravity-defying pole dancer who scored a role in Rihanna‘s long-awaited official video for “Pour It Up”. Rihanna recently posted the following clip to her Facebook page which shows footage from Nicole’s audition as well as some behind the scenes shots from the actual music video shoot. Not only does Nicole The Pole showcase Cirque du Soleil levels of strength, flexibility and athleticism, but she does it all in a pair of stripper heels and for that I have nothing but respect for this woman.

If you listen carefully you can hear Rihanna shouting “OH MY GAD!” when Nicole executes an especially insane move (like the hands-free upside down pole slide) and you’ll probably shout the exact same thing. NSFW.