Rihanna’s Keeping The World On Its Toes Over *Those* Engagement Rumours & It’s Fkn Iconic

Queen of the universe Rihanna is playing fkn coy with all of us about whether she’s engaged. I for one love to see it.

ICYMI, Rihanna’s been papped with a big ‘ol diamond ring on her finger. Of course it’s led to loads rumours that she’s engaged to A$AP Rocky, the father of her unborn kiddo.

Rihanna loves keeping us in a tizzy. Will there ever be a follow-up to ANTI, one of the greatest albums ever? Is she engaged to Mr A$AP Rocky? Will she use her new billionaire status to fly us all to space in a Fenty rocket?

As she was leaving dinner earlier this week, paps shouted out asking about her ring. The Daily Mail caught the whole exchange on video.

In classic Rihanna fashion, she called back “this old thing?”

“You act like [you] ain’t never seen this ring.”


According to W Magazine Rihanna’s worn that ring before, but not on her engagement ring finger. She wore it in the pics of her pregnancy announcement, when she was shooting a music vid with A$AP last year and also when she was named National Hero of Barbados in November 2021.

If she is reusing it as her engagement ring I honestly love to see it. Environmentally-friendly reduce, reuse, recycling queen!

Whether she’s engaged or not I love that Rihanna is keeping us on our toes. No more gooey multi-paragraph Instagram captions! No more seven-minute-long Instagram stories showing the whole proposal! No more carefully curated selfies in an Insta dump!

I want my celebrities doing fun shit in private, refusing to tell anyone and then dropping the pics two months later. And if anyone is going to treat us to that, it’s Rihanna.

And let’s be honest, marriage is simply not the be all and end all. I just wanna know that Rihanna’s happy and according to  ~industry sources~ she and A$AP  are very much in love.

“This romance evolved since they were friends first. They already knew and respected each other and it has just grown from there,” a source told PEOPLE in August 2021.

Another source told the pub that they were in it “for the long term”.

Wedding or no wedding we love to fkn see it. And more of Rihanna gently teasing the paparazzi please.

Keep us all on our toes. We deserve it for constantly asking about when she’ll drop new music.