Courtney Barnett’s flawless “Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit” has become a staple for 2015, marking the beginnings of a phenomenal aussie musician’s career. So full of love for you, C Barnz. 

The video to accompany one of the best tracks on Barnett’s album, “Kim’s Caravan” is just as haunting and thrumming with energy as the track itself, brought to life by director Bec Kingma and shot on location in some of Australia’s most quintessential landscapes. 

Inspired by the fragility of the Great Barrier Reef, CB describes the track:

“Kim’s Caravan” is an apocalyptic tale of our world painted black with oil and soot, painted red with blood and greed. The song was born when blessed with time to reflect, feeling the frustration and helplessness of the destruction of my environment and the litter of humans within it.”