Watch: Caleb Followill On ‘Iron Chef’

Here we are on the eve of the first ever episode of Iron Chef: Australia and without having viewed a single preview we can safely assume that it won’t be able to compare with the original Iron Chef made in Japan. Without personification of camp, Chairman Kaga, playing host with sexy fruit-biting panache and the impish grin of cutest person on earth Iron Chef Sakai – along with the lolz that go hand in hand with japanese-to-english dubbing, it can’t compete. An American spin-off was created and hasn’t made much of an impact, although there has been a few notable judges – the most recently aired episode featured Kings Of Leon front man Caleb Followill as a guest judge. Caleb does his polite southern boy schtick that is actually super endearing:

Iron Chef Australia starts tonight at 7.30 on Channel Seven.

Via Stereogum