Kings Of Leon’s Drummer Has Gone TF In On A Fancy Syd Golf Club For Its ‘No Tattoo’ Policy

Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon with long, dark hair and black glasses and photo of golf green with red flag and text saying "spill the tee"

Nathan Followill, the drummer of Kings of Leon, has cut sick at an unnamed Sydney golf course ‘cos it told him he’d have to cover up his tattoos if he wanted to play putt putt there. “Kings of Leon” and “Sydney golf course” are certainly two strings of words I never expected to write in the same sentence, yet here we are.

Followill dropped the tee on Twitter. Thank you, I am actually extremely proud of that little gag.

“A Sydney bucket list golf course for me just went on the fuck it list,” he wrote. Go off, King (of Leon).

“I was told I would have to cover up my tattoos due to a ‘no tattoo policy’.

“Welcome to the 1950s and a hell of a way to grow the game.”

In devastating news for the nosy parkers among us, Followill didn’t drop the name of the golf course. There are definitely a heap of fancy clubs in Sydney operating with a strict dress code, however, such as The Royal Sydney Golf Club which requires “prominent tattoos” to be covered. The Australian Golf Club has the same rule when it comes to visible ink on the green.

Now, there’s no implication that Followill is taking aim at either of these clubs. It’s just gotta be said that golf clubs do be having prim and proper dress codes.

In the spirit of equality, the drummer announced he’d invite the club to a Kings of Leon show, on the proviso they follow his dress code.

“I will invite them to our show but they will have to show a fresh tattoo to get in,” Followill wrote on Twitter.

A club or the wee white ball would make quite a dashing tattoo for golf heads, no?

Followill ended the gripping Twitter saga by announcing he’d found “a cover up”, which was actually just a selection of tattoo sleeves. I’m dragon sun, grimacing sun-slash-moon rising and thorny rose moon.

Praying this anger manifests in a sexy new Kings of Leon diss track. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a banger as engrossing as ‘Sex on Fire’.

If you want to catch Nathan Followill and his musically-gifted brothers live, I’ve got great news for you: Kings of Leon have kicked off their Australian and New Zealand tour. You can cop tickets via Ticketek.