Watch Abbott Get Sack-Whacked, Kiss Shorten, In Pisstake ‘Dear Future PM’

The Internet works in peculiar ways: it latches onto some really shit content, while leaving a significantly higher content of awesomesauce to go relatively unnoticed.

Open Slather, the skit comedy show on Foxtel‘s The Comedy Channel, aired a brilliant pisstake of Tony Abbott on Sunday night’s show that’s only just come to our attention – and now we’re bringing it to yours. 
It’s essentially a 2-minute roast of PM Tone, set to Meghan Trainor‘s cotton-candy hit Dear Future Husband’, with cameos from both Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull.
But the real hero is our fearless leader, who we see in various states we wish we could unsee, like macking on with Malc:
Twerking in budgie smugglers, to the mutual horror of everyone:
Recreating that weird, not-cute wink:
Frothing at the mouth after eating an onion:
We’ve gotta say, the lyrics are catchy:
“Dear Future PM, here’s a few things you need to know if you want to be our Aussie leader for this term. Don’t be like Tony; not a phony, eating onions, treating taxes like baloney.”

“Just give us equal rights, and you can sleep at night; no bargaining, no no bargaining.”

“You’ve gotta know how to treat us like a country, even when it’s gettin’ bumpy, don’t tell us everything’s alright.”
Here’s the full video for your sing-a-long enjoyment:

Open Slather airs on Foxtel’s The Comedy Channel, every Sunday night from 7.30pm AEST.