Ultra-Rare New Wu-Tang Album To Feature… Cher?

A rep for our #1 fav celebrity tweeter has confirmed one of the scant few details known about the new Wu-Tang Clan album, “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin”: it features guest vox from Cher.

The record – of which only a single copy has been pressed, to be sold to the highest bidder – is under lock and key in Marrakesh. But earlier this week Forbes posted a video interview with album producer Cilvaringz, who shared a 50-second clip from the album that featured rhymes from Ghostface Killah and an unnamed female vocalist singing the line “Wu-Tang, baby. They rock the world”:

Now a rep for the iconic singer’s confirmed that it was delivered by Cher, who reportedly appears on two of the album’s songs.

Turns out it wasn’t such a secret anyway: the album’s website credits input from “Bonnie Jo Mason”, the pseudonym Cher used when she released her first solo single in 1964. Seems like kind of a missed opportunity to rebrand Cher (Cherface Killah? CZA? Inspectah Cher? Cherkwon?), but what do we know.