HIV Drug Price-Hiking Prick Revealed As $2M Wu-Tang Album Buyer

Hoooooooooooo BOY.

So, remember that ultra-special, one-off, one-of-a-kind, never-going-to-be-reprinted Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin…?
Remember how it was shrouded in hyper-secrecy and protected as a valuable work of art?
Remember how the group planned to auction it off to the highest bidder in 2015?
And remember how that auction took place not too long ago and sold to an unknown buyer for US$2million?
Welp, it turns out someone figured out who that unknown buyer was.
And it turns out that that unknown buyer just so happens to have been Martin Shkreli, the head of Turing Pharmaceuticals and the utter douche-nozzle who snapped up the patent to a drug commonly used to treat patients with HIV/AIDS and hiked the price per tablet from $13.50 to $750 literally overnight.
That guy. That guy now owns that album.
As it turns out, the sale was actually made back in May, well before the entire world was exposed to the true depths of Shkreli’s assholery.
Furthermore, Shkreli exhibited a desire to obtain and commission more one-off works from artists in the hopes to promote and foster more artistic endeavour, even going so far as to offer Wu-Tang some helpful advice for the money.

“Do your best work, however much time it takes, and never compromise anything for me. I just want to hear what you’ve got.”


If it’s any consolation to any of you, the album comes with an agreement that prevents any commercial exploitation until the year 2103.
But if he feels so inclined, he’s totally allowed to release it for free. Which might be a smart idea to help rebuild his public image, right?
Source: AV Club.