No One Will Ever Be As Iconic As The Veronicas At The 2016 ARIA Awards

The Veronicas’ Jess and Lisa Origliasso pulled off the raunchiest stunt the usually-stuffy ARIAs has ever bloody seen when they performed chart topper ‘In My Blood’ wearing naught but red body glitter in 2016.

Now we know how they did it – with a small army of professionals who know a thing or two about paintbrushes, prosthetic boobs and adhesive sparkly stuff.

“It took the worlds best makeup & special effects team to get us ready for last night’s performance & hosting,” Jess posted to Instagram. “We are so lucky to work with the incredible [team]. This team had 20mins to get all the glitter off our bodies. They were incredible.”

That team included three-time Australian bodypainting champion (!!!) Jessica Watson Miller, who revealed the girls weren’t *actually* topless, as most people thought – they were wearing custom-made latex prosthetics to protest their ~modesty~.

“We were actually using special prosthetics on their breasts which are made by a company in New Zealand, so they were custom made for them,” Miller explained to NZ publication ‘Be’. “They’re about the palm of your hand and they’re made of latex.”

The nifty prosthetics were glued over Jess and Lisa’s actual breasts and “because of the glitter we were able to blend them in seamlessly,” she added.

Once they came offstage, the team had less than half an hour to get the girls glitter-free and ready for their next ARIAs look – that meant piping hot showers backstage and a lot of soap.

“We just [were] all ‘go, go go’. We did whatever we could to get them into their next look,” says Miller.

If you missed their killer performance, treat your eyes: