The Rapture Calls Upon Cassius To Produce New Album

Sun drenched French girls wont relate to frozen girls from northern states but they might elate when they hear that Zdar’s producing The Rapture of New York State. Whoo! Alright, lets fall apart and…forget all about my shitty attempts at rhyme…

So anyways, it looks like the new Rapture album is being produced by Cassius. Or at least half of; Philippe Zdar.

Zdar told Pedestrian recently, “They came to me and said, ‘we loved the Phoenix album and we want to do some new music…will you be able to help us?’” He said yes obviously.

He says the songs showcase a better sound with a new direction, “I think it’s a very good direction. All the songs are stronger…well the seven or eight they sent me. There’s still a lot of what I loved about the first album on these new tracks and also a lot of new futuristic stuff, so it’s really interesting.”

Their last album, Pieces of the People We Love, was a collaborative effort with legendary producers Paul Epworth (Maximo Park, Bloc Party, Friendly Fires), Ewan Pearson and Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley) all lending a hand.

Taking over producing responsibilities, Zdar comes to the job with a resume a cut above your average, having produced albums for MC Solaar, Phoenix and our own lads Cut Copy in the past, as well as remixing fellow countrymen Daft Punk and Air.

“Producing is something that is time consuming and you have to spend a long time with a band that is not your band. So you have to be really sure if you accept a job, and i don’t want it to be a job for me, i want it to be a passion.”

Nobody’s ruled out more producers jumping on board again as yet, so it’ll be interesting to hear the final product!