The Rapture Back In Australia

NYC’s punk funk royalty, The Rapture are squeezing in some dates down Australia way before going into total hiding for their new album. One catch, they’ve only announced a DJ show so far. Weird…and what’s even weirder is that it’s on the 5th of October in Sydney, which you might realise is the night of Parklife. Even weirder…could this spell a last minutue Rapture addition to the P-life lineup? Eh?

Here’s the lineup for their show at Yu.

Sounds pres. The Rapture (DJ set) line-up:

The Rapture (DJ set)
Act Yo Age
Ben Morris
John Glover
Anna Lunoe
Brendan Fing vs Matt Nukewood
James Taylor
Spruce Lee
& more to be announced

More to be announced. Probably means Kato. We always need more Kato.