The Knife : Writing An Opera

“Why are you guys so weird?”

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” everyone’s favourite incessant Swedish duo are writing an opera, yes an opera! In an announcement made last week on Danish theatre group Hotel Pro Forma’s website the pair have been invited to “write music and libretto for Tomorrow, In a Year, a Darwin Opera.”

“The opera concept places the performance on a large scale and in a space of reality where expression dominates. The Swedish music group The Knife creates completely new compositions that challenge the conventional conception of opera. The form is experimental and exploratory. The music is written for three singers who come from different backgrounds: electronica pop, classical opera, and performance. They are the protagonists of the performance, displaying three ways of experiencing the world. They are the spokesman, the organiser, and the one who acts. They are structure, sensation, form, time, and thought.”

Finally an excuse to post MC Steinberg’s interview. The opera will premiere in Copenhagen, Denmark in September of 2009.