The Cure Sells Out In Minutes, Scalpers Sell Tickets For Thousands

The most expensive tickets for The Cure’s two date Vivid LIVE retrospective sold for $180, the cheapest, $109. All evaporated in minutes today as both shows sold out on the SOH website, prompting some fans to create an anti-Ticketmaster Facebook group and speculate on the involvement of scalpers. With the lure of Robert Smith, a revolving cast of players and set list comprised of the band’s first three albums: Three Imaginary Boys (1979), Seventeen Seconds (1980) and Faith (1981), it’s easy to see the appeal. It’s also easy to see the work of nefarious scalper types who hoarded up to four tickets per purchase then bumped the price of admission to $1000 per ticket on eBay. Urgh. Scalpers distort supply and demand and GET HYPERBOLIC CAPS-LOCKY WHEN THEY TRY TO SHILL SADNESS TICKETS ON EBAY but the worst thing about profiting from other people’s tears is the damage to real music fans. Shame on your anonymous scalpers, why must you ruin everything?