People Are Really Trying To Sell ‘Avengers’ Tickets For Thousands On eBay


In case you missed it: all three hours and two minutes of Avengers: Endgame will be unleashed in less than a month, it’s a big deal. So much so that over in the United States of A, scalpers are trying to sell opening weekend tickets for thousands of dollars on eBay. 

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Tickets officially went on sale in the US on April 2 and sold out in a snap. American ticketing company Fandango and AMC Theatres crashed from the demand. After just 24 hours, Endgame became Fandango’s top-selling pre-sale title surpassing Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Endgame‘s predecessor Avengers: Infinity War sits at No. 5 on Fandango’s list.

With such a strong demand in the States, scalpers have decided to sell opening weekend tickets for some serious $$$ on eBay.

Someone has actually placed a USD $9,199 bid for two tickets in New York. That’s almost AUD $13,000.

Avengers endgame

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Another two tickets for a screening at the same theatre are going for $4,994 ($7,000 in AUD). Then there are the two fancy schmancy AMC Dine-In tickets and a limited edition poster in New Jersey priced at an easy USD $15,000 (AUD $21,000). In Chicago, Screen Crush reports four opening night tickets are on sale for USD $5,000. But hey, these tickets come complete with popcorn and drinks!!! Similar listings are all over eBay.

Other lower but still extreme ticket prices range between 50 bucks and 700 bucks.

Meanwhile in Australia, a little suss on a cinema’s website reveals there are still a heap of seats available for Endgame’s April 24 premiere.

But even if you don’t grab an opening night seat, you could just watch it the day after… or the day after… or the day after that.