Taylor Swift – possibly one of the only people on Earth who can turn an abso-fucking-lutely ruined reputation into an album and a coupla number one hits. She’s unstoppable and her influence on the music world is y’huge. But it appears Tay-Tay has drained the last of her powers as she released a cover yesterday, a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s September. No, not a joke. Taylor uploaded the song to Spotify and a lot of people are reacting to it in many different ways… of hatred.

Even if you’re like “huh” to the title song? You’ll 100 per cent know it by ear and start violently shaking your body to the iconic tune.

If you’re still scratching your noggin’ in confusion, you can wrap your ears around the song below.

(The video already has ‘Taylor-Tragedy’ comments.)

Now, Taylor also uploaded an acoustic version of Delicate which was genuinely lovely because it is her song and style. September R&B funk? Not so much.

Okay, if you’re a super fan of the original song you’re absolutely going to hate it. If you’re indifferent you’ll still think it’s a tacky cover of a classic wedged into a romantic movie… like the montage bit where they’re supposed to be falling in love. It oddly gives me A Walk to Remember vibes. And if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you’ll shrug your shoulders and go with it.

Hit up Spotify if you want to give it a listen but meanwhile, here’s how Twitter reacted.

Oh, but before things get extremely salty – co-writer of the original song, Allee Willis loved the cover and said“Taylor Swift is the absolute cherry on top of a very soulful and happy sundae.” 

Well, there you go.

Anyway, to the tweets!

This one’s my fucking favourite:

Butttt, there is some thought behind the cover.

The things you do for love.

Oh, and some people did like the cover.

This is pretty cute.

Good stuff.

Image: Getty Images / [Kevin Winter]