Swifties Are Shook The Fuck Up Over The Microphone Tay-Tay Used On SNL

So it’s safe to say that pop music juggernaut Taylor Swift has used her most recent album, Reputation, and the publicity leading up to the release, as something of a reinvention.

A massive part of Tay-Tay‘s hype around her sixth album is about her engagement with / lack of interest in / reclamation of her reputation (duh).

One particular narrative that she’s very much been including herself in has been that of Taylor the Snake. After Kim Kardashian famously posted footage to Snapchat that appeared to show Taylor agreeing to Kanye West‘s controversial verse about her – which Swift had previously publicly decried – people started using the snake emoji with wild abandon to disparage the pop star for being, well, a snake.

Because she’s Taylor Swift and essentially untouchable, though, she took that snake emoji and started using it all over the damn place – as did her fans. Snakes are in her imagery, her videos, her tweets – and now, on her performance on tonight’s Saturday Night Live, on her god damn microphone.

Like clockwork, her vast fanbase has gone absolutely bananas over this move.



Swift performed ‘…Ready For It?‘ (which you can watch below thanks to a good soul on Twitter) and an acoustic version of ‘Call It What You Want‘. If that mic is anything to go by, she’s making this appearance count.

Tea-lor Swift indeed.