Taylor Swift has stepped off the stage and into the corner of NPR Music’s office in Washington DC, in a rare stripped back performance for NPR’s famed Tiny Desk Concerts.

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are one of my favourite things in the whole world. Watching a band squeeze into the corner of an office, surrounded by all the things that NPR’s music editor Bob Boilen has accumulated over the years.

It’s a treat to watch how different artists interact with the space, and how they adjust and change their songs to match the room. It’s essentially a free ticket to one of the most intimate shows in the world, and now one of the biggest pop artists has stepped behind the desk.

Taylor Swift, completely solo, stepped in next to Boilen’s record collection (and Flight Of The Conchords DVD?) to a packed-out NPR office, and took the opportunity to perform some of the songs from her latest album, Lover, the way that she originally wrote them.

She also took the chance with a small audience to talk about how she came to each song, explaining her processes of writing tracks like ‘The Man’, ‘Lover’, and ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’.

Tiny Desk Concerts typically round out at three songs, but I mean can you even say no to Taylor Swift when she wants to play a fourth song – and especially a track from her huge fourth album, Red? Sorry, you really can’t.

Clock out of life for half an hour and watch Taylor talk through some of her huge tracks below, and perform them in the tiny corner of an office over in Washington DC, and even try and imagine what it’d be like if she just showed up to soundtrack your work day one time. Jesus wept.

Image: NPR