Taylor Swift Posted A Cryptic Picture And Fans Have Already Cooked Up Eight Wild Theories

Taylor Swift Exile Bon Iver

It is true that Taylor Swift could post nearly anything and her fans would find a way to connect it to upcoming music, but given the fact that she hides so many Easter eggs in everything she does, how can you blame them?

Just this morning, Swift posted a simple looking photo with the caption “not a lot going on at the moment,” and fans have already created wild theories attached to the image. The main thing that people are freaking out about is the fact that Swift has already posted an image with this caption, and shortly after, her album ‘folklore’ came out.

Check out the post for yourself, and see if you can crack any hidden secrets before we explore what the fans have found from this single image.

The Caption Holds All The Secrets

Now this one is pretty simple. Taylor Swift posts “not a lot going on at the moment”, album comes out, she writes it again, something is surely happening, right?

Hidden ‘TS’

I have no idea how the fans even noticed this, but there is in fact a ‘TS’ sitting in a frame right next to her. This could be hinting at the fact that Swift has finished re-recording her first album, which was self-titled.

As of early November, Swift gained the rights to re-record her discography, which she has recently told fans she is excited to work on immediately, especially because the masters for her first six albums have now been sold off to private equity company Shamrock Holdings.

Re-records Are Coming

Now it is no mystery that the re-records are coming, but maybe the post hints that they are ALL finished, and will be released very soon. I mean, that is a lot of content to consume in one go, but we are here for it all.

Man’s Face

Some fans went completely off the deep end, finding the colourised version of the shot and then making everyone aware of the fact that there is a hidden man’s face. Thanks but no thanks.

What could it mean though? The haunting presence of Scooter Braun that is about to be expelled by the release of the re-recordings?

Exile Lyrics

Some people thought that the repetition of captions was a teaser towards the lyrics for ‘exile’.

In ‘exile’, Taylor Swift sings “I think I’ve seen this film before,” which is probably the same thing people are thinking about this caption.

‘exile’ music video when???

Bon Iver

Hopping on the ‘Exile’ train is this little clue towards Bon Iver, who features on the track. Many fans are expecting a music video or a live performance to come very soon, and this symbol may point to Justin Vernon and his band.

The Cabin

It is no mystery that Bon Iver is a fan of wintery cabins, and some fans are suggesting that the new photo of Taylor Swift was in fact shot in one of the many cabins that the band likes to record music in.

The Number 22

Bon Iver has made it no mystery that they are obsessed with the number 22, and there are exactly 22 window panes in the shot. Now that is a reach.

To make it more interesting, there are also four wood panels on the roof, and ‘exile’ is the fourth track of ‘folklore’. Now THAT is an investigation.

Well folks there you have it. According to swifties, we may be getting an ‘exile’ music video, a live performance of ‘exile’, a re-recording of Swift’s self-titled first album, or just all the re-recordings in one fell swoop.

Guess only time will tell now.