Sword Throwing Wolfmother Fans Don’t Faze Jack Ladder

We recently filmed an interview with former Mercy Arms guitarist Kirin J. Callinan and besides yodeling in our garage and charming the pants off us, Callinan discussed his debut solo LP, an as yet unnamed live recording which was cut over three nights at The Russian Coachman a few weeks ago. We filmed the last night of his residency and it was the most reverent, brave and emotionally naked performance we’ve seen this year. Just two spotlights, a guitar, a myriad of pedals, Callinan’s peculiar warble and sparse songs about car crashes and toddlers. People were crying, no joke.

Anyway, the video interview will be up soon but before that happens we felt compelled to share Callinan’s reply when we asked how Jack Ladder’s (Callinan is a touring guitar player for the band) support slot for Wolfmother went.

‘It was really great to play these huge arenas, however the crowds didn’t like us so much it was really funny. Our show was very confrontational it involved both of us wearing sunglasses and doing lots of pelvic thrusting to a drum machine. It was basically Suicide with guitars…But a lot of people hated us, a lot of stuff was thrown at us. Jack Ladder had a sword thrown at him, which he picked up and pointed to the audience.’

I wonder if Alan Vega or Martin Rev ever had weapons thrown at them. Because, really Wolfmother fans? You’re hiding swords in your afros now? I mean we know it wasn’t a crazy Katana or whatever but who throws a sword, honestly