Up-And-Comer Stevan Explains How Fellow Muso KIAN Slid Into His DMs To Collaborate


After chatting to Stevan, the fresh-outta-school musician with exactly three original songs on Spotify, it seems downright impossible that he won’t be huge in a matter of months.

The Wollongong-native has already amassed a shockingly keen fanbase given he’s yet to release an EP or full-length album, which could be attributed to the dedication Stevan has to succeed.

“I like to commit. Normally I don’t, but when it comes to music I do…if it’s your music, your hard work, you’ve got to take on that responsibility,” he told P.TV.

“There wasn’t just the pressure from myself, there was pressure from everyone else. I said I was going to be ‘that’ guy,” Stevan admits, saying he was “anxious” about his future in music at the start of the year.

But anxious he shouldn’t be, as the steady stream of music he’s put out has already caught the attention of everyone from music execs, to Spotify and Jack Daniel’s, to fellow Aussie artist KIAN.

“I dunno if this is a PEDESTRIAN.TV exclusive, but I’m doing this feature with this artist [KIAN] in Australia, and the way it happened, he DM’d me and said, ‘Want to listen to some music?’”

Now, as someone who has had very little success with Insta DMs in general, the idea of someone as big as KIAN sliding into my DMs to collaborate doesn’t even register.

Probably, perhaps, because I don’t make music, but the general thought is still mindblowing.


When Stevan felt he had not “taken off” in 2018 as much as he did this year, he went up to Cairns with the ‘rents to relax and reassess.

“It all sounds so nice now, but I’m telling you I was anxious. At the end of this year I had to take some time away and figure out in terms of what I want to do, and just be comfortable with the idea that it might not work.”


But, while ‘relaxing’ to your Average Joe means kicking back next to a pool and pissing off the waiters with constant cocktail requests, Stevan has a slightly different approach.

“When I say I’m gonna relax, it’s me working stuff out,” he said. “I do a lot of pacing…I don’t like sitting in one place.”

His pacing initially pissed off his two younger sisters, who also happen to be his #1 supporters.

“Honestly, my sisters are my biggest fans. It’s like ‘aww’, but my little sisters love my music. They’re my test.”

The young musician also said he and his sister, 15, take turns showing each other different genres of music, and Stevan went on to blast Fleetwood Mac‘s Rhiannon through the phone as an example of the more “folky” bangers he was getting his sister to listen to.

When asked whether he’d release a song if his sisters hate it, Stevan replied: “Nah, I’d still put it out. I feel like sometimes you need to commit, especially if you feel it.”

I’m telling you all, 2020’s gonna be bloody ‘uge for the singer.

You can suss out Stevan’s upcoming gigs HERE.