Here Are The Heroes Who 100% Delivered On That ‘Start 2018 Off Right’ Meme

2017 was a slog, and the year’s last big meme proved it.

Counting back from midnight on New Year’s Eve, punters calculated exactly when to hit play on their favourite tunes to welcome 2018 the ‘right’ way. Their suggestions overtook social media, as users anticipated the cathartic thrill of telling 2017 to get fucked through song.

Nobody who contributed a suggestion should be blamed for wanting to ditch 2017 with a well-timed drop, but they should be blamed for not following through.

As clocks struck midnight, most of those who cooked up a suggestion were either, you know, partying, or otherwise unable to hit play on their tune of choice. While those cowards likely had a fine time without enacting the meme IRL, some heroes did deliver.

Here’s what happened when Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj fans hit play on Feeling Myself at exactly 11:58:50pm:

And here’s how it panned out with the Evanescence hit Bring Me To Life:

At least one tasteful Frank Ocean fan welcomed 2018 with the electrifying beat switch from Nights:

The meme also transcended language barriers, with K-Pop act Wanna One getting a look-in:

Australia was also represented with this contribution from our own 5 Seconds Of Summer:

To everyone else: you’ve got a year to cue up your favourite track, and you better make it bloody good. There’s no saying 2018 will be any better.