The ‘Start Off Your New Year Right’ Meme Will Send Off 2017 As It Deserves

Here it is, the perfect meme to send-off this garbage fire year into the space dumpster where it belongs.

In just a few days, 2017 will be over and 2018 will begin. Will next year be better? Who knows! We all thought 2016 was bad because beloved celebrities kept dying, but then 2017 got worse because they all turned out to be sex pests. At this rate, 2018 will probably bring the ten plagues of Egypt.

But at least there’s a way to bring in your new year right:

Or, if Evanescence‘s absolute classic Bring Me To Life isn’t your jam (then honestly, what is), the internet has done what it does best: memed the living crap out of this thing.

So of course the stans got involved.

And then uh…. TV shows? Sure, why not?


This one should set you up for a GREAT New Year’s Eve, if not for the tiny issue that it only just came out in cinemas.

And then, Australian Twitter got real weird about Australian politics. As they do. (We love ya.)

So there you have it: a few excellent suggestions for bringing in the new year, which is absolutely what all these posts were about.