Your NYE might’ve been good. But it wasn’t any-bloody-where near as good as the one a heaving throng of lucky punters in Finland copped.

Not only did they get to see in the first seconds of 2017 with a giant fireworks display, but they got one that was precisely timed with *that* drop in Darude‘s epic ‘Sandstorm.’

Not the start of the song. The drop. *That* drop. As in, the ten second countdown to midnight was the build, and then on the absolute strike of midnight, KA-BLAMMO.

2017 marks the start of Finland’s year-long 100 Years of Independence celebrations, and a massive crowd of people were treated to a performance from Darude – arguably the country’s most famous musical figure this side of Lordi.

It’s… holy shit, pals. It’s incredible.

Frankly we’re downright shocked that there’s a Finland left at all after that, and that the whole country wasn’t stomped into the sea.

The only thing that could ever top that out here is if someone synced up the NYE fireworks to the Sandstorm/Shannon Noll mashup.

If that ever happens? RIP Australia.

Source: YouTube.