Sydney’s NYE Fireworks Will Be A Glorious, Gay As Hell Rainbow

Usually something that is kept secret until the night itself, the centrepiece of Sydney‘s NYE fireworks display is going to be a bloody massive rainbow waterfall of colour and sparkles as soon as the city hits midnight.

Celebrating the huge year that the LGBTQIA community has had in Sydney and across AustraliaClover Moore sharpened her Photoshop skills to give a reasonably-accurate artist’s depiction of what the Sydney Harbour Bridge is going to look like the moment the clocks tick over to 2018.

It’s a sensationally-fitting display for this year’s celebrations – 2017 will be down in Australian history as the year we finally caught up to the rest of the progressive world by allowing same-sex couples to marry, and moving on to more important issues that are affecting the LGBTQIA community and its allies.

Just quietly, Clover’s announcement has produced possibly the purest tweet ever to exist on that horrible website, courtesy of one Ruth Slaughter

Oh bless, this is too much. Thanks dear.

Anyway, the iconic fireworks will be broadcast on ABC and iView, and live-streamed on the official site over here, if you can’t be arsed to get down to the harbour to watch.