Smash Mouth Break Free Of The ‘Shrek’ Soundtrack With Bizarre EDM Track

If you thought 2016 didn’t have any further horrors to foist upon us, you were unfortunately very, very wrong.

Late 90s frat rock Shrek soundtrackers Smash Mouth are inexplicably still kicking around, with the occasional smattering of evidence proving they are absolutely alive. Like this video of them losing their minds at some audience for throwing bread at them onstage:
But you have to respect the motivation and will to battle on. But it seems like they’ve chosen a new musical path. They’ve freed themselves of the limitations of ’90s movie credits music’ and have dared to dream – approaching the musical holy grail that is EDM.
The result is this banger, named Love Is A Soldier. It features Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell wailing about sex (bad) while some low-rent dance music singer they dredged up from some Los Angeles local newspaper ad pages wails in the background (also bad).
It’s a collabaration with a DJ named Specter, which is as cool an EDM producer name as any I’ve ever heard. You know what? I’m glad they’re trying. Please listen. It is kinda catchy, I guess.
Source: YouTube.
Photo: Smash Mouth.